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Nature Hugger is a family business with a Chinese-Australian background and is wholly Australian owned. We bring together both high-quality and natural health and beauty products for everyone to enjoy, and hope that you will love our products and services.

"Fu, Lu, and Shou" (Happiness, Wealth and Longevity) has been an important element in Chinese culture since ancient times. The three leaves in the Nature Hugger icon, from left to right, represent the "Fu, Lu, and Shou" in Chinese traditional culture. The Chinese characters “绿福 (lü fu)” in the icon means "green blessing", which can be interpreted as a gift from nature to mankind, while similarly, the English “Nature Hugger” in the icon embraces nature from the perspective of human beings, accepting its blessing.

Australia's pure air, water and sustainable environmental policies have nourished many organic, natural health and beauty products. We have selected many of these high-quality products for our customers, not only to protect our health and appearance, but also to promote the concept of caring for and embracing nature. Of course, in the process of selecting products, we also introduced some popular products from other countries. Our philosophy is to admire nature and return to nature, which is why we chose to establish Nature Hugger.


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